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Sport is for everyone

It doesn't matter what you do, or how fast or slow you do it, the benefits of an active lifestyle are free for everyone to enjoy. Sports offer a multitude of benefits to people of all ages and all walks of life. From beginners to athletes, there's the right physical activity for everyone.

At INTERSPORT, we are committed to offering our customers the best products by the best brands at the best price/quality ratio. We are the experts, always ready to help our customers select the perfect pair of shoes, find the right apparel and choose the equipment that best meets individual needs. So whatever your age or ability, you can benefit from the rewards of regular exercise. 

Our passion is sport, our future is sport ... 
and sport has always been our focus.

Sports categories

Besides outdoor, football, running, fitness and wintersports, INTERSPORT offers professional advice and equipment for a multitude of other sports in its over 5,500 stores around the world. 

From racket to water sports, to teamsports or winter sports,
INTERSPORT can provide you with all the necessary equipment.



Football at INTERSPORT

With more than 1 billion € turnover per year, INTERSPORT is the world's biggest football retailer. More than 80 % of our INTERSPORT stores around the globe offer football equipment and we have a close collaboration with all relevant football brands, federations and clubs.

Football is one of INTERSPORT's primary focus categories.


Running has become more and more popular in recent years. Many people go running to stay in shape, to find the right balance between body and soul or just to get out into nature. It is all about fun and enjoyment. 

We help runners in their pursuit of their sport and provide them with the right products and advice. In addition, we keep them updated and give them a lot of useful tips and hints.

Winter Sports at INTERSPORT

INTERSPORT has a long history and tradition when it comes to winter sports retailing. Our position in the winter sport segment is very strong; and many mountain stores appreciate doing business with INTERSPORT, giving us a great reputation.

One key succes factor is our INTERSPORT Rent network, where skiers and snowboarders are able to rent the latest products at fair and trouble-free conditions. This service is offered in more than 10 INTERSPORT countries, from Spain to northern Europe and especially in the Alpine regions. It's another great service offered by INTERSPORT, bringing sport to the people!


Fitness and Wellness are becoming more and more important. They are considered the megatrends of the future. Consumers want to invest in their body and health and we at INTERSPORT are prepared to support you with all of our experience and expertise. 

No matter your age, find your path to fitness and wellness - it is INTERSPORT's objective to provide you with the right equipment and the best individual advice.


Next to cycling, outdoor is the biggest market in sports retail. People want to enjoy nature and spend more time outside. Outdoor apparel and functional gear are also more frequently used in our daily lives, creating an entirely new product segment that we call "Urban Outdoor".

INTERSPORT offers a wide range of outstanding outdoor brands including our exclusive brand McKINLEY with the aim to provide outdoor enthusiasts with the right equipment for all weather conditions.



Please visit your local INTERSPORT website to find out more about the various sports categories and products we will be delighted to advise you.