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How we are organized

Division Products and Purchasing

The Products & Purchasing (P&P) Division at INTERSPORT International Corporation (IIC) focuses on products, setting the standard of product development and product purchasing. The tasks of the division are as follows:

  • Development of the Exclusive Brands and their products
  • Exclusive Brand Management
  • Realisation of Strategic Brand Deals (Frame Deals, Central Purchase Deals)
  • Serving its customers (National Organisations) in all aspects of Products & Purchasing

Business Unit Apparel

The business unit apparel focuses on functional and innovative products for all sports activities such as outdoor, skiing, running, tennis, fitness, swimming, multisport and team sport. The apparel business unit deals directly with designing and producing the Exclusive Brands to create an international range. This involves close cooperation with our national organizations, designers and Far East office.


Business Unit Footwear

The Business Unit Footwear focuses on creating products for our Exclusive Brands in three major areas: athletic sports, outdoor and leisure/lifestyle. Working directly with product design and technology, the IIC footwear business unit is responsible for all activities from football and running to tennis and lifestyle.


Business Unit Hardware I

The Business Unit Hardware I includes a strong mix of winter (alpine skiing, nordic skiing, snowboard, protective gears) and summer (racket sports) hardware products. Each EB product is created and based on the newest technologies and innovations, and therefore leads the development of the best product assortment. The business unit Hardware I focuses on selecting a range of exclusively branded and leading strategic sports products for all National Organisations.


Business Unit Hardware II

The Business Unit Hardware II develops and offers products for the following segments: outdoor, fun wheel sports, ice, water sports and fitness. All of our exclusive developments feature latest technologies. Furthermore, attractive offers are negotiated with the leading sports brands.


Business Unit Strategic Brands

The Business Unit Strategic Brands is responsible for the internationally coordinated purchasing from the leading footwear, apparel, some hardware (bike, racket sports) and team sports brands. This covers a range of sports from football to swimming. In addition to ensuring access to top products for the INTERSPORT affiliated retailers; the Business Unit negotiates discounts and develops exclusive products in close cooperation with the selected Strategic Brand partners.


Business Unit EB Brand Management

The Business Unit EB Brand Management takes care of the brand and product coordination within the different product business units as well as all marketing related tasks like packaging, websites, consumer information, photo shootings, manuals, etc.  International coordinated marketing campaigns for exclusive brands are also under the supervision of this business unit.


Business Unit Supply Chain Operations

The Business Unit Supply Chain Operations is a support department of the product business units for all what belongs to supply chain, order processing, IT support tools as well as corporate responsibilities (CSR, Norms & Regulations).



Is the daughter company of IIC based in Shenzhen in China, established in 1997. Its main tasks are sourcing, quality assurance and quality control for products developed by IIC. This office further improves our direct link to suppliers and factories in production markets. 

Division Marketing, Retail and License

The Marketing, Retail and License Division at INTERSPORT International Corporation (IIC) communicates our expertise in strategic, operational, retail and marketing topics to all levels of the INTERSPORT Group. The tasks of the division are:

  • Sponsoring programs
  • Market research and analyses
  • Establishing international marketing campaigns
  • Business development
  • Store concept and implementation

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is responsible for increasing and maintaining INTERSPORT's corporate branding and identity awareness through to execution at national level. This is realized by implementing International cooperative marketing campaigns, sponsoring activities or market research. The Marketing Department furthermore strives to increase INTERSPORT’s brand awareness and credibility by the involvement in world famous sports events. As an Official Partner or Official Sports Retailer of certain events, INTERSPORT can benefit from a fantastic USP in the market. The onsite retail business during events differentiates INTERSPORT from its competitors and simultaneously strengthens the brand.


Retail and License Department

The Retail and License department is responsible for ensuring that all licensees are conforming with the INTERSPORT guidelines and regulations; setting up and initiating expansion strategies and finding new partners in new markets. The main goals are to analyse potential markets, proactively search for investors and coordinate introduction programmes of new licensees. In addition, it is responsible for any legal action related to trademark and property rights. Finally, it ensures the implementation of our consumer commitment procedures and follows up on the implementation and further development of the INTERSPORT store concept and the merchandising style guide.

Division Services

The Services Division provides the following services directly to the National INTERSPORT Organisations and to IIC - INTERSPORT International Corporation internally:

  • Finance, Accounting & Controlling
  • IIC Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Other management services (e.g. Business Development Projects)

Finance, Accounting & Controlling

The department takes care of all aspects of IIC's finance, accounting and controlling. The national INTERSPORT Organisations are provided with service and advice concerning business management, legal tax matters, financial reporting, international statistics and benchmarking.

IIC Information Technology

Based on the SAP platform and Microsoft working tools on a VMware infrastructure, the IT department provides all services linked to information technology at IIC. The department is also responsible for the proficient order placement of the national INTERSPORT Organisations by “classic EDI” (based on EDIFACT messages) and Web EDI (web based technology).

Human Resources

The goal of the HR Department is to have qualified and motivated staff members at all levels. Therefore the department recruits people from all over the world for the multinational IIC team consisting of almost 20 different nationalities. The HR Department manages the staff administration (incl. handling of salaries) at IIC INTERSPORT International Corporation. It is a permanent goal to establish and implement tools and guidelines. The HR Department is responsible for the education and the staff development.