The World‘s Number 1 in Sports Retailing.



In 1968, 10 successful national buying organizations came together with an ultimate goal in mind: to create an international sporting goods operation that gives customers the fullest benefits, confidence in retailers and complete product satisfaction. The congregation in Paris gave life to INTERSPORT and a new world of sport retail intelligence began.


The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

INTERSPORT International Corporation was born when ten buying organisations came together to build a customer-based sporting goods operation.
The initial ten countries consisted of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.


The Women’s Movement (in politics and fitness)


While the women’s political and social movement was going strong, women were bettering their lives in other ways as well.  The success of women’s sports began to transform women’s lifestyle and social habits.  Not only did the number of women who did leisure activities increase but the participation in high-performance sports multiplied considerably.


First Addition

Finland is the first country to join after the initial ten countries come together in Paris as the INTERSPORT Group.



The United Symbol

The first INTERSPORT logo is introduced. INTERSPORT now had 1000 stores under its banner, where the new logo would be present.


Germany: Our First Olympics

In Munich, INTERSPORT was the official sports store for the Olympic games. INTERSPORT opened an Olympia-shop in the Olympic Village as well as a fitness centre for the athletes all over the world.


Spanning the Seas

Reaching across the Atlantic Ocean, Canada becomes a member of the Group




Encompassing Europe

Spain and the UK join the Group.


Let it Snow

Following the success at the Munich Olympic Games, INTERSPORT was again the official sports store for the winter Olympics but this time in Innsbruck, Austria.  INTERSPORT was responsible for the sports shop in the Village as well as the decoration of the athletes bar.

Neutral Territory

INTERSPORT International moves to a new head office but still in Bern, Switzerland.


Fashion Transformation

By this time, the logo was looking faded and it was time to be updated!  By 1982 the new logo was integrated into 2000 stores around the globe.


Big, Bad and Glitzy

1980 - Who could forget the notorious shoulder pads? For a while it seemed to be a competition to see who could build the tallest hair with the most volume possible. It was the start of the leg warmer’s on dancers, the brightest colours imaginable and the ultimate accessory: the headband

Hand in Hand? Politics and the Olympics

Once again, INTERSPORT is chosen to be the official store for the Games. In 1980, the Summer Olympics were held in Moscow, Russia.  This was the first communist country to ever host the Olympics. It was a very controversial year as the American-led boycott to protest the December 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan stopped many democratic countries from participating in the Games.


Exclusive Brands, Take One

The first wave of INTERSPORT exclusive brands were launched.  This included McKINLEY (for outdoor), etirel (for essentials) and TECNOpro (for hardware).


Snowboard and Skate culture

The second surge of exclusive brands are put into action.  This included the brands NAKAMURA (for biking), DYNATOUR (for golf) CRAZY CREEK (for action sports) and ONLINE (for functionality).


Snowboard and Skate culture

The first Snowboard actually dates back to the 1960’s but in the 1990’s, along with its partner in crime, the skateboard, it became a way of life and had a style of its own.  The 1990’s skate and board nation had its own sense of fashion and attitude, and with that was a huge success.  In 1998, snowboarding became an official Olympic sport in the giant slalom and halfpipe competition.  Today both are very popular sports among all ages, and the numbers are continuing to rise.


Exclusive Brands, Take Three

The exclusive PRO TOUCH was created with true athletic spirit for team sports. Shortly after NORTHBROOK (for casual wear) and ENERGETICS (for fitness) were included for a complete and well-rounded group of INTERSPORT offered brands.


SPRINT for Gold

The INTERSPORT Group came together to implement a new strategy to challenge future goals and make the vision of INTERSPORT stronger. SPRINT stands for Strategic PlanningReinforcing INTERSPORT!


Adding a Turbo Engine

Aspiring to make us better, INTERSPORT introduced BOOSTING SPRINT, a new and improved version of our international strategy.  At the heart of our strategy was making sure our customers came first.

Two New

Italy joins, followed by the Czech Republic one year later.  At the same time as the adjoining countries enter, INTERSPORT Office Far East (IOF) was beginning its operations. IOF was very important for INTERSPORT to insure quality control and quality assurance of our exclusively produced brands


Here comes another...

Just before the new century, INTERSPORT launched a new exclusive brand,  which was based on sport fashion and fun.  FIREFLY was inducted into the INTERSPORT collection


Going South

Slovenia and Greece join the INTERSPORT Banner.


Dooms Day?

IT companies around the world spent billions of dollars to go through their entire application source code to look for the Y2K bug, generators and food supplies were purchased. As the clock ticked towards midnight, everyone waited with baited breath for the Y2K bug to bring the crash. In the end, the banks still worked, planes still flew and the power stayed on. Crisis was averted and life went on.

More Fun in the Snow

INTERSPORT Rent is established for everyday convenience in ski and snowboard rental. Austria, France, Sweden and Switzerland initiate individually operated rental stores while united under one goal: making renting equipment as simple and easy as possible.

Jumping Onboard

As licensees of Slovenia, Croatia plus Bosnia and Herzegovina join


Operation IS

The new mission and vision of INTERSPORT is recreated to make us stronger for the future. Reinforcing our main objective to provide customers with the best choice and service, always keeping them at the centre of our thinking. In addition, our aspiration is to remaining an individual entrepreneur while staying a united company at the international level. At this time, INTERSPORT also introduced the Consumer Commitments to give the consumers the ultimate satisfaction when buying in any of our stores.

The More the Merrier

INTERSPORT Greece includes Bulgaria and Romania as licensed countries to the INTERSPORT Group. The following year, Serbia and Montenegro are added to the INTERSPORT team through Slovenia


First Time, but Far from the Last

INTERSPORT teams up for the 2002 FIFA World CupTM in Korea and Japan with adidas for an international communication and retail campaign. The campaign was centred around English superstar David Beckham. 800 stores in different countries participated and was a great start for INTERSPORT in future coops with leading sport brands


New shops, new ideas

Our new shop manual is introduced to all national organisations to further stimulate an environment that is for the consumers. The shop formula was also important to bring INTERSPORT together under one look, making it more recognisable to the consumers in the future. In knowing that women and men shop differently, INTERSPORT created a shop in shop exclusively for our female consumers.

The Largest Consumer Group

As INTERSPORT has its 35 birthday, Russia joins the group.


Better Buying of the Best Brands

The new INTERSPORT purchasing strategy, Reinforcing Cooperation with Prime Brands was launched. This was to achieve a product category approach and a strategic brand approach with the aim to get the best offers in the interest of our consumers.

Three Companies

Turkey, Poland and Hungary are now members of the INTERSPORT Group


32 Start but Only One will be Champion

When the FIFA World Cup TM came back to Europe there were 32 nations and 32 boots. INTERSPORT teams up with adidas to launch the TUNIT 32 marketing campaign. This year 2000 stores take part in the concept.

Ground Breaking

Due to the success of INTERSPORT and our continual growth, INTERSPORT International Corporation makes a move.  The first dig was the ceremonial start for the construction of the new building, which will be finished for April 2007.

Latest Addition

The United Arab Emirates join the Group.


New Headquarters for IIC-INTERSPORT International Corp.

After a 13-month construction phase, IIC- INTERSPORT International Corp. (IIC) officially moved into the new building. The new building is situated on a 7’785m2 lot of land, previously owned by the county of Bern. The building has been designed and constructed over 2’436m² of 6’392m² gross floor area, providing future building extension possibilities of around 75% more than in use today.

The transparent two-storey building, designed and realised by Bernese architect, Rolf Mühlethaler, is light and elegant and blends in harmoniously with its surrounding environment; the sobering industrial area on the one side and the large park belonging to the Waldau clinic on the other.

The new building offers IIC the modern office spaces and infrastructure, befitting of a modern international corporate headquarters and its requirements.


UEFA EURO 2008™ Official Sports Shop of Licensed Products

With over 1’250 shops in 26 countries offering UEFA EURO 2008™ Official Licensed Products in dedicated areas within their stores, INTERSPORT marks another milestone in its history.

As Franz Julen, CEO of INTERSPORT International Corp., describes it: “The co-operation with UEFA and EURO 2008™ as Official Sports Shop for Licensed Products is another milestone in INTERSPORT’s strategy to enhance its core competence in team sport and specifically football. UEFA's commitment, shown through the selection of the INTERSPORT Group as it's partner in the sports retail industry, strengthens our leading position as the biggest football retailer and underlines and confirms our passion in the world's most famous and popular sport.

INTERSPORT not only sells UEFA EURO 2008™ Official Licensed Products within its stores, but as well in all 8 stadia and in the Official Fan Zones within Austria and Switzerland. With 3 Superstores (1’000m2) in Vienna, Basel and Zurich (600 m2) and various smaller outlets, INTERSPORT marks its presence onsite with a total of approx. 800 staff members and more then 80 shops who contribute to the success of this event!


INTERSPORT brings “Sport to the People”

To further expand its strong market positioning, the INTERSPORT brand will be emotionalised and dynamised. This will be combined with an enhanced brand image and brand appearance, store layout and product mix policy, bringing advantages to the stores and the customers. In the area of communication, INTERSPORT will strengthen its profile as the number 1 sports retailer with the new brand philosophy “Sport to the People.”


The first INTERSPORT store in South Korea and thus in Asia opened its doors

INTERSPORT is proud to have opened the first INTERSPORT store in Asia together with LG Fashion. We have the long-term goal to play a leading role in most of the Asian-Pacific countries in eight to ten years. South Korea is a first and important step in this direction.


INTERSPORT expands to China and Lebanon

With the extension of its business to China and Lebanon, INTERSPORT successfully continues its expansion strategy launched in 1999. The INTERSPORT Group originated and continues, for the past 30 years, to operate in Western Europe and Canada and is now represented by 340 shops in 16 Eastern European countries as well as in the Middle East in four countries with 15 shops


INTERSPORT is expanding to Belarus

INTERSPORT International Corporation (IIC) is pleased to announce that it has signed a licence agreement for Belarus. This agreement exclusively allows RapaTorg to open INTERSPORT stores in Belarus under their own direction as well as with sub-licence partners, sell INTERSPORT’s private label products and have access to all other IIC products and services.


INTERSPORT expands to Australia and opens first stores in China

Another important milestone for the world's leading sporting goods retailer INTERSPORT: In Australia INTERSPORT signed a franchise agreement with the sporting goods retailer Independent Sports.